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Questions about WinTheRace?
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1. Cover

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What is WinTheRace?
WinTheRace is a cover spray or lining fluid for the sliding surfaces of your winter sports equipment. WinTheRace is new in the winter sports equipment preparation. WinTheRace consists of super high molecular weight hydrophobic silicium compounds.
How to use it right?
Spray on the sliding surfaces at a distance of about 10 cm, then evenly spread to covering the fluid with a dry small sponge or cloth. After one minute contact time you can immediately take advantage of the winter sports equipment. WinTheRace is universally applicable in the temperature range of +8 ° C to -30 ° C and remains liquid. Even at extremely low temperatures you can cover your winter sports equipment. WinTheRace is suitable for alpine skiing, snowboarding and cross-country skiing.
How long does WinTheRace need to act?
WinTheRace is ready for use on the sliding surfaces immediately after spraying and rubbing.
How long acts WinTheRace on the sliding surfaces of my winter sport equipment?
WinTheRace acts basically 1-2 days, depending on the driving intensity and the snow conditions.
WinTheRace lasts long on your sliding surfaces, as soon as you notice that the sliding resistance increases again spray the surfaces again with WinTheRace.
How acts WinTheRace on my sliding surfaces?
WinTheRace improves the sliding properties of the sliding surfaces of your winter sports equipment. It forms a separating layer between the sliding surface and snow or water.
What are the advantages WinTheRace over conventional ski wax?
WinTheRace is sprayed in seconds. No more lengthy grow longer necessary.

WinTheRace is non-toxic. Conventional ski waxes can contain fluoride and other toxic substances.

WinTheRace is the CoverFluid for all applications in winter sports.

WinTheRace is odorless. After preparation, no offensive odor arises as in the edit with conventional ski wax products.

WinTheRace ensures a balanced base structure.

WinTheRace increases the gliding characteristics of your winter sport equipment.
Where can I buy WinTheRace?
If you want to buy WinTheRace please contact our distributor in your country. Please identify the contact on our sales page. To do this click in the website menu DISTRIBUTION.
How can I dispose of WinTheRace?
If your WinTheRace spray bottle is empty, the bottle can be disposed of in plastic trash.
Can I use WinTheRace for other sport equipment?
WinTheRace is intended for the sliding surfaces of your winter sports equipment. It should not be misused.
Is WinTheRace toxic or dangerous?
No, the CoverFluid is physiologically safe, non-toxic and odorless. However WinTheRace should be kept away from small children, the product is transparent and looks like water so the small children could possibly be confused with it and think of it like water. If WinTheRace was accidently swallowed consult a doctor or emergency immediately.
Is WinTheRace bad for nature?
No, the CoverFluid is non-toxic, without fluorine and propellant. Silicium is one of the most abundant elements on earth.
Causes WinTheRace stains on clothes?
No, after drying of the CoverFluid on the clothes no stains remain.
What properties must the sports equipment have before spraying WinTheRace?
Basically, you can spray WinTheRace on the waxed skis. But in order to make optimal use of the operating characteristics of winter sports equipment, you clean the surface with base cleaner to remove any wax residue.
Will the lining be damaged with regular use?
No, the coating remains flexible when used regularly and does not dry out.
How WinTheRace behaves on the glacier with ice?
Very good, because the thin film, the surface structure of the winter sports equipment adapts, thereby forming a separation layer between the lining and ice or snow that builds very good sliding properties.
How WinTheRace behaves in skating and cross-country skiing area?
WinTheRace is characterized by very good sliding properties
Do you have to brush the surface before using WinTheRace?
By brushing the lining, you get a clean optimum surface and base structure.
How WinTheRace behaves in cross-country skiing on the scales or with NonWaxSki?
The sliding properties are also improving at this ski types. The base structure is not closed, but encased in the μ-range and covered.
In racing area sometimes hot Temperaturen occur at the edges, can WinTheRace preventing the ski?
No, the overheating of the ski occur at speeds over 100 km / h. They are produced by heating the steel edges and have an effect on the edge portion of the lining to the steel edge. WinTheRace has no effect on the heating.
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